Click here for a copy of the brochure incoming students receive as part of their summer orientation program. The brochure outlines the process of “Directed Self-Placement.” The philosophy of Directed Self-Placement is that given enough information and guidance students will self-select the best Composition course for them based on their own reading and writing histories and their degree of comfort with academic writing.

The summer before students begin their study at Kutztown, they must attend a two-day mandatory orientation program called Connections. As part of Connections students attend a session dedicated to Directed Self-Placement. With the assistance of the Coordinator of Composition and the Connections staff, students are introduced to the kind of writing they can expect in the different Composition classes and throughout their time at Kutztown. As part of the process, students fill out reading and writing histories and complete a survey (as seen in the brochure).

If students answer yes to fewer than six of the statements in the survey, the English Department strongly advises them to take Introduction to College Composition (ENG 022) where they will brush up on their writing skills and build their confidence before taking ENG 023. Following this plan gives students a much better chance of succeeding in College Composition.

If students answer yes to six or more of the survey statements in this brochure, they are probably ready for College Composition (ENG 023). To do well in ENG 023, students need to consider themselves strong readers and writers.

Finally, if students have a very strong writing and reading background, have consistently received positive feedback on their writing from former teachers, and can answer yes to almost all of the statements on the survey, then Honors Composition, ENG 025, is a course they might consider.

Thanks to Andrea Kirshman, Director of New Student Programs and Services. Andrea designed the brochure and gave her permission to post it here.